After more than 2 years it became time to create a new look and feel for 4 star catering. After a long search for a good and reputable company we decided to work together with Atastic who were very helpful. Atastic provided us with new design artwork and mockups for social network campaigns.

Our experience

We were somewhat sceptic as the company just started and we were not sure what to expect. After receiving the proposal and the timelines we made the agreement of working together. The completion of the new design was done in a very fast manner. In general we thought that a marketing company would not be able to deliver a website that is mostly focused on food as our industries are very different. We saw after working together that there was no issue and that we received exactly what we were looking for.

After some communication back and forth we agreed to make a small review with feedback for the company. They were very easy to work with and delivered good results which is why we think that they deserve some positive feedback from some very satisfied client.

Atastic’s results

If you are looking for a genuine marketing agency that delivers top quality results than give these guys a call or get in contact with them through their website. If you happen to be in London like we were last christmas i advise you to visit their office which is not too far from the center. Their was a very positive vibe while we discussed future improvements of our online presence. We believe that we will receive a lot of extra value from these adjustments made to 4 star catering. If you  visit our homepage you can see that the new design covers the whole screen which gives a fresh and full look which we were looking for.