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Welcome to 4 Star Catering. We can create an enjoyable event that will be memorable for years to come. We have the resources to turn your ideas into reality. From small luncheons to large weddings to corporate events, we can provide the results you are looking for. Let us create the event of your dreams.

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4 Star Catering is a proud member of the Knott County Chamber of Commerce, the Letcher County Chamber of Commerce, and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.

About Us

4 Star Catering is owned and operated by Jimmy and Regina Niece, and has been in business since 1991. Regina, a native of Jenkins, Kentucky, holds two associate degrees in Culinary and Business Management, and attends culinary seminars each January to stay current with all the newest techniques and practices.

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Our large variety of services can help make any event memorable. Jimmy can perform beautiful fruit carvings that will add a magical touch to your event. He has attended various classes and can do many different types of custom fruit carvings to compliment your event.

"We recently booked them for a corporate event with the theme being Dark Knight. Initially, we had told them the food doesn’t have to compliment the theme, but OMG did they deliver; they went far and beyond to ensure that we got the best experience possible. Definitely, recommend for anyone who is looking for caterers."

Larry Brown

"I have actually worked with them on their marketing campaign. But when my company needed to host an event, they insisted on doing it free of cost. They are an amazing company that is determined to bring about positive change through food."

Armando Cates

For any eVENTS

We offer a Light and Heavy menu of Hors D’oeuvres, with a wide selection to choose from on each. We set up our Hors D’oeuvres tables in a unique fashion, with appropriate decor to match the setting at no extra cost.

catering elements for your event.

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What Foods do the Aussies Eat Daily?

When it comes to different countries all around the globe, no country has cuisine that’s is only derived from one source of culture. This includes European countries, the Middle East, the U.S. and yes, Australia.

Known as the land down under, Australia has been recognized as a multi-cultural infused country and it’s all due to its history. There is a massive mix of English and Irish culture, which goes even one step further when it’s immigration rate over the past 100 years is taken into consideration. This includes cuisines from all parts of Europe and even Asia. These countries include Greek, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese and Vietnamese.

When it comes to restaurants and cafés, there are countless of different culture inspired cuisines to choose from. The ingredients and ready-made food have also made its way to the grocery stores and can be found in every city and small town.

The Culture Infused Foods Most Aussies Enjoy on the Regular


Sounds like a desert? Well yes, it is. Even more so, it’s inspired by the Russian ballerina Pavlova, who visited Australia during tours between 1926 and 1929. The desert recipe was inspired by the ballerina and was considered to be just as light as her. This wonderful recipe includes a meringue base, which is smothered in fresh whipped cream and decorated with passionfruit and a variety of other colourful fruits.

Meat Pie

Okay, this might not seem as fancy, but it’s most definitely good and enjoyed all around the world daily. It is especially admired as a favourite in Australia, however, and can be found anywhere in Australia to be enjoyed as lunch. Along with a meat of choice, pastry and sensational gravy, Australian meat pies is a must try.



Some say “gross”, while others are completely obsessed with this famous Australian spread which is simply enjoyed on a piece of toast and can be added to soups, stews, as well as gravies. The spread is incredibly high in Vitamin B and although considered to have a rather acquired taste, are loved by Aussies all over the country.

Chiko Roll

As a much-loved snack that includes carrot, cabbage, onions and beef, the Chiko roll is best enjoyed with a beer as a tradition for Aussies.


As a number one breakfast choice, which was first produced in a suburb in Sydney, this healthy breakfast biscuit is budget-friendly and can be enjoyed with milk and even fruit if you want to get really crazy.


Another desert favoured steers towards a rather coconutty decorated lamington. The chocolate icing-dipped sponge cake, rolled in coconut, is considered another favoured amongst Australians. These can be found in every Australian bakery.


5 Popular Middle Eastern Food for the World to Enjoy

When it comes to food, nothing screams more culture infused goodness than Middle Eastern cuisine and given that it dates back many more years than most cuisine, its mark on the global market is staggering.

The Middle East is divided into 22 different countries, which for better understanding purposes, is exactly why there is so much emphasis placed on it.

Ranging from countries such as Morocco, Egypt, the UAE and Yemen to name but a few, there is an endless source of culture to be found in the Middle East and enough to go around in restaurants and kitchens in the entire world.

Most of these Middle Eastern countries have the same types of food and identical dishes to others, but uniquely, each country’s food tastes different and have elements of the country present in its preparation, flavour and ingredients.

The foods all contain different herbs and spices that gets infused into various meats. Sometimes cheese, olives and spreads are even used instead of the herbs, which is the traditional source of flavour in the Middle East.

The Most Popular Ingredients Used to Characterize Middle Eastern Food

Ranging from everything like olives, lentils, beans, chickpeas and all sorts of vegetables, the Middle Eastern people know how to cook healthy and sometimes even excludes meat in the process.

If meat is added to dishes, they will include beef, chicken and lamb. Moving more towards animal products, cheese, eggs and dairy are also amongst the favourites. Due to religious laws, pork and alcohol are prohibited to be used in cuisine in these countries.

5 Favourite Middle Eastern Foods

  • Hummus

Starting with a food that some categorize as a spread or a dip, hummus has been introduced to the world as a healthy alternative to traditional spreads and dips. Made primarily from chickpeas, it’s considered to be extremely healthy and also comes in many different flavours. Traditionally, it’s added on everything from a potato to a burger or a pita bread.


  • Falafel

Again, with the chickpeas… Well, we promise it’s good. It consists of fried chickpeas and herbs which gets served as a filling for pitas.

    • Grilled Halloumihalloumi

Made from either sheep or goats milk, without the presence of bacteria or acid when making it, halloumi is also considered an incredibly healthy and favoured food throughout all the Middle Eastern countries.

  • Fattoush

As a popular addition to the entire world, the Middle East has graced everybody with its tangy salads which is made up of lettuce, crunchy squares of pita, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, lemon, garlic, olive oil and a hint of mint.

  • Manakeesh

Known as the pizza of the Arabic world, this amazing dish can be described as a round bread that includes either cheese, meat or herbs and is also known as zaatar. It is served as either breakfast or lunch.


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